Philippe Loubat

Philippe Loubat

Montpellier artist, Philippe Loubat is a resolutely optimistic painter and it shows on his paintings!

His universe is colorful, poetic and romantic and the themes are love, human relations, mythology, dreams, the circus, music, the history of art.

Strongly inspired by literature and cinema, Philippe Loubat slips in his works nods to Lewis Carroll, Haruki Murakami, Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton and Federico Fellini.

If his paintings often seem autobiographical, it is because he stores everything he sees, everything he experiences, without putting any label on it and without seeking to analyze. He gently lets his subconscious guide him across the canvas, painting almost without thinking.

One has the sensation, seeing his paintings, that he poetizes reality, that he softens it to make it more beautiful.

And if his characters often seem to float, it is because he paints their soul more than their body shell.