André Cervera

André Cervera

André Cervera, painter, was born in 1962, he lives and works in Sète.

In the 1970s, André Cervera was already fascinated by painting, but even more so, by the very fact of painting.

It integrates the preparation of the School of Fine Arts in Sète and will then be received at the School of Fine Arts in Marseille.

André Cervera's painting is a thought in movement, instinctive and under pressure. She is both nervous and sophisticated. André Cervera's paintings still reflect this rage, which has been mastered, admittedly today, and conducted with virtuosity. The sketches, the theater, the poetic closed doors are guided by short scenarios.

Unlike Figurations Libres, André Cervera expresses himself in a very expressionist style. His expressionism is increasingly asserted "Latin" and is inspired by the travels, magic or animism of so badly named "primitives".

Throughout his travels, André Cervera sharpens his style, chooses his stamps, his dripping techniques to create his colored circles, reduces his tints, works on collage, plasters, glazes, transparencies, uses rare papers, refines his patterns and feeds his overflowing imagination.