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Christophe Cosentino

Christophe Cosentino

Christophe Cosentino was born in 1963. He lives and works in Sète.

From the early 1980s, at the age of twenty, he rubbed shoulders with group exhibitions in Sète and Paris with painters of the "free figuration" movement.

Free from all current, it is expressed in a poetic and very recognizable pictorial language.

He is very attentive to the color that he treats sparingly to leave large white areas on the canvas thus emphasizing every detail.

Cosentino is not one of those artists who are always where you expect them to be.

A glance turned towards the sea but always attentive to details Cosentino reveals, in the form of a pictorial parable, a great interest in the future of the human being and captures the restless and tormented spirit of our time.